Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 210

Blurb: It's hard being a scaredy cat when you're a dog.

Backstory: While Ginger may have the beauty, courage and appearance of a guard dog, she is clearly not meant for protecting. If you couldn't tell those statements were sarcastic please stop reading now. In fact she's exactly the opposite; a cute, little nugget who's scared of her shadow and loves to be by some one's side when there's lots of thunder or strangers. She also loves spending time under my bed. For some odd reason out of the four beds and numerous couches in the house she chooses to sleep under mine.
The picture you see above is what happens in a thunder storm. When the radar lights up with red and pink she goes running under my bed, bound and determined to spend the rest of the night hiding. I'm happy to let her stay there but it can get a little crowded when the storms get really loud and Sadie also decides she needs to be under the bed. Luckily Sadie decided to saddle up next to me on the couch for the storm's duration, leaving Ginger in her happy place under my bed.

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