Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 198

Blurb: This picture is pretty hot, what can I say I'm a fashion plate at 9am.

Backstory: Today's post is much more about the story than the picture. Like Friday I spent most of today traveling between Columbus and Buffalo. I was planning for an incredibly boring day, then someone caught my attention out of the corner of my eye at the Buffalo airport. Actually it was two people, a blond woman with shaggy hair and another woman with brown hair and super expensive jeans. The pair looked like hippies with their shaggy clothing, wavy hair and both were wearing sunglasses. While they looked like hippies there was something different about the pair, their clothing was nice and clean. As I mentioned before one of them was wearing expensive jeans, the True Religion pair she was rocking had to be around $200 and they weren't something you normally see in Buffalo.
As I was waiting to get my ticket scanned it hit me, "I think that's Melissa Etheridge." She just had this really familiar look and let's be honest a rocking lesbian couple, no matter how discreet, just sends out a different vibe catching a flight at 11am. I sat through the whole flight wondering if it was her, then when the plane landed in Detroit I decided with 95% positivity it was her. In an effort to snap a picture and get an autograph I got out of my seat early and pretty much chased her up the jet way. I got ahold of her assistant/handler and asked the million dollar question, "Is that Melissa Etheridge." She quietly said yes it was and when I asked if I could have a picture she politely said, "Sorry she doesn't take pictures in airports."
I was kind of disappointed when this happened because it would have made the story better and I wanted to get her autograph for my friend Katie who's a big fan. But unfortunately she wouldn't come to my window. So instead I went to Wendy's, and you would think this is where the story ends but it doesn't. As I'm quietly enjoying my burger I notice a man with a huge pumpkin head coming off the walking escalators and it's Newt Gingrich. Yes, the current presidential candidate, former speak of the house and all around large headed man was 10 feet away from me as I slammed my post-hangover burger.
I couldn't really believe it because I was only ten minutes from my Melissa Etheridge heart break, and there was another famous person cruising through the Detroit airport. I mean come on, this is Detroit we're talking about. So there you go. A boring picture but a story that I find very amusing and if you see me in person, especially at a party, get ready to hear it.

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  1. Great story! Your brush with fame. Next time snap a photo from afar! Oh, wait. Maybe your phone is like mine and doesn't have a zoom. I love my phone, but no zoom??? Was anyone else staring at Melissa Etheridge?