Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 196

Blurb: Pick out any song about an airplane you can think of.

Backstory: With my suitcase finally packed I'm headed to Buffalo for Tina and Todd's wedding. Unlike most of my friends headed up north I decided to fly and not drive. As a general rule if it's over a four hour drive I like to fly because I hate sitting in a car for that long. I've tried everything to combat commuter boredom; books on tape, new music and books on tape but nothing has been able to keep me from going nuts. I also have the problem of falling asleep during really long drives, so the six hours to Buffalo presented a problem.
There's also something really fun about going to the airport, I get this sense of adventure whenever I get past security. When you look at this picture there are endless possibilities with this little pond skipper plane. It may only have fifty seats but it's taking me some place away from home where adventure is sure to wait.

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