Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 201

Blurb: I don't care that it's over 90 degrees, let's turn on the oven!

Backstory: With mom and dad out of town there's no one here to eat the extra bananas. I'm very particular about this fruit, I won't eat it if it's too ripe or too green; so my window is very small. Three last little bananas have been hanging out in the kitchen and I kind of felt bad about wasting food. I mean there are starving kids in the third world that would be happy to have them. Beside for actually being an adult and eating them there was only one option: make chocolate chip banana bread.
I'm not a fan of normal banana bread because it has walnuts and I do not believe in mixing nuts into baked goods. This is a quick way to ruin a pan of brownies or desert bread. Instead I throw in a cup of chocolate chips and BLAMO, a delicious morning treat that will easily last me through the weekend. I'm pretty excited about eating this for breakfast tomorrow, hopefully the extra chocolate chips I added will make it even tastier.

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