Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 171

Blurb: Don't ever buy this for your children.

Backstory: You've seen these packages everywhere, the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC or COSI here in Columbus. It's "astronaut" food; which translates into freeze dried packets of what appears to be food. Ice cream is normally the post popular item in gift stores and today I had the opportunity to try an ice cream sandwich and cinnamon apples.
The first thing you notice about the food is the texture. It's freeze dried so everything has the texture of a rice cake even if it's meant to be light and fluffy. They market the freeze dried treats by saying they rehydrate in your mouth and amazingly transform into regular food. This is not true, the little pieces are so dry they suck up all the saliva in your mouth and stay dry as a popcorn fart.
The second thing you notice is the off taste, specifically with the ice cream part of the sandwich. With the ice cream part you get this taste that's hard to describe, it's got a hint of condensed milk mixed with butter, vanilla and some sort of fatty taste. The cookie actually tasted like a bland Oreo.
For their part the apples weren't that bad. The cinnamon was very strong and the apple tasted like a fake flavored apple. For the texture department it was easier to eat than the ice cream sandwich, it was much similar to rice cake. It should be noted that when we asked the astronaut who was visiting us if this stuff tasted like what they served in space he said "No, this stuff is just a marketing gimmick."

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