Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 156

Blurb: Apparently I also saw Tammy Faye at Trader's World.

Backstory: I love flea markets and old fashioned junk. There's just something about looking through piles of crap that delights the hoarder in me. So I was ready to go when my parents suggested visiting a place called Trader's World out near my little sister's new apartment. I thought I'd head out there, maybe find some good deals and enjoy a funnel cake, but none of that happened.
This place was filled the all the flea market stuff I didn't want: knives, old beanie babies and more Nascar hats than you could shake a stick at. It was a white trash shopper's paradise filled to the brim with tacky stuff. This is a picture of one of the aisles. In addition to the brightly colored products for sale the ceiling is covered in leis, wagon wheels and signs with clever sayings. My favorite sign said "I saw Tammy Faye at Trader's World," but the picture I took didn't turn out. So enjoy this one.

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