Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 166

Blurb: I don't know why Columbus is so Gay but I know I have an article in that magazine.

Backstory: My final article for (614) Magazine has hit the stands and I finally went and picked up a couple copies. I feel so weird every time I do this because I just go into a store, grab a huge stack of free magazines and walk out. This month's article is about a work out class I took back in April called Pure Barre. I'm pretty happy with the way the article turned out, even though I feel a little silly reading the part about my legs shaking. It's a line I wrote but my legs were probably shaking the most in the class because I'm a little (a lot) out of shape. Hopefully this isn't my last time appearing in the magazine, I had a great time writing the artless so make sure to pick up a copy.

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