Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 155

Blurb: This is enough hail to make the dogs and exchange student go into a panic.

Backstory: It started with a few dark clouds and within minutes the weather outside turned into a downpour. The rain was the kind you get in the summer out here in the midwest, it comes down really hard for a couple minutes then stops. Mixed in with the rain came a hail shower that made our grass look like it had icy patches. I haven't seen hail in a while so it was very entertaining to watch come down and bounce off the deck.
The same can not be said for the dogs and Anna. The dogs didn't know what to do so Ginger ran upstairs while Sadie stayed right under my feet. Apparently hail is extremely rare in Germany, so Anna was a little frightened but also interested. She grabbed her camera when dad stepped out and picked up a handful of hail; I thought it would be a good idea so I grabbed mine as well. The big piece you see in the middle is just a little larger than a pea. Thank goodness it wasn't any bigger because there would have been dents in my car.

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