Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 170

Blurb: This is Janis Joplin, Missouri.

Backstory: First let me apologize for the poor quality of this picture. It was raining today and I didn't want to take the good camera out to the ball diamond. This is a sad thing because the event I went to today was ripe for amazing pictures.
Columbus is an amazing city and people outside of I-270 always underestimate our potential. If you know what to do you can see some amazing things and meet really interesting people; case-in-point: Bat'n Rouge. It's a softball game held every year during the Pride. Two teams of drag queens compete against each other in softball, reverse softball, kickball and mud ball. Needless to say the event is ridiculous and hilarious.
Not only are the teams competing but all the players are competing against each other to win the best costume. Everyone who's playing has to pick a character, celebrity or theme to be during the game. They must also have a prop to run with during the game. So when you go up to bat you hit the ball then grab your prop and run like the wind.
This description of the event can't do it justice. It's one of the best events I've been to in Columbus because it's so unique and creative. I left right after half time so I didn't get to see the winner, luckily one of my friends was a judge so I'll just ask her tomorrow. I'm really hoping Cher won because "she" actually wore a thong body suit, with an ass tattoo and fishnets. If I can find a picture of the winner I'm going to post it as a follow up because it's something you have to see.

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