Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 167

Blurb: I only go there for the wings.

Backstory: I really do go to Hooters for the wings. Judge me if you want but I do think the food there is really good. Actually, I'm lying, I totally go there to objectify the women (I hope you sense the sarcasm). On Thursday night my dad plays golf which means mom, Jenny and I normally go out to eat. This week Jenny suggested going to Hooters and of course we all agreed.
I've been pretty good on my diet following my two weeks of absolute wedding ruin so it was a great excuse to indulge. There's nothing like hot wings with blue cheese, tater tots and beer. I know Michelle Obama and Andrea Cambern want us to commit to be fit but how can you say no to a meal like that. I'm very happy right now, if you're not I suggest you get some beer and hot wings.

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