Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 163

Blurb: I'm definitely feeling a little surly today.

Backstory: After back to back weddings I'm exhausted. It doesn't sound like a hard thing to do, but I challenge all the doubters to try it themselves. After returning from Xenia and enjoying a nap Monica and I went out for dinner at Surly Girl Saloon. It's one of Columbus restaurateur Liz Lessner's amazing creations, and it's the one I go to the least.
The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is hilarious, the restaurant is just further up in the Short North than I normally go. The walls are covered in scorpion wall paper and weird pictures with skulls, bones, pin-ups and cow girls. As for the food it has a spicy, south-western edge which I really enjoy. For tonight's meal I choose a spicy pizza with some hot jalapenos and cheese. It was a nice change of pace, plus we took the dogs for a nice long walk afterward. I'm looking forward to having the day off tomorrow so I can just sleep until Tuesday.

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