Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 176

Blurb: Happy Comfest!

Backstory: While Columbus is located in a pretty strait laced state, once a year all the hippies come out to play at Comfest. Goodale Park is transformed into a free love zone where people openly smoke pot and beer is available with a few tokens. In addition to these great aspects the streets are filled with fair food (I'm currently suffering from heart burn). It's not the same kind of food you'll see at the state fair, it's a little more exotic and there are some healthy options such as broccoli burgers.
One year I'm going to be a true hippie and sit out there all day and just dance to the bands. For some reason I spent all of this year's festival eating, that seams to be the theme of my entire year. Outside of the stuff in a stick I didn't buy anything else even though I saw a vintage bike I really wanted. So if you have a chance head out there.

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