Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 154

Blurb: I really like putting my face in cardboard cut outs.

Backstory: There's nothing like going out on a Friday night to see Zombies. Amy and I went to see her husband perform in a musical called "Evil dead." It's the musical version of an early 80s cult classic horror movie where 5 college students break into a cabin in the woods then find THE BOOK OF DEAD. Spoiler alert: All of them become zombies except the main character Ash.
When the movie was originally made it was meant to be a serious horror movie but it was so bad it was fun, hence why it became a cult classic. The musical, on the other hand, is meant to be a comedy. Even though I've never seen the movie I found the musical quite funny. There's a lot of fake blood used in the production so part of the theater is covered in trash bags and considered a splash zone. If you sit in this area you get to wear a poncho (Amy and I looked super hot).
I really enjoyed myself during the show. All the actors did a great job, there are some amazing voices in the cast, and I'm not just talking about Peter. Plus they wear these crazy masks and run around the stage saying "look who's evil now." That line is surprisingly funny.

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