Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 51

Blurb: This is the most frustrating thing in the ENTIRE world.

Backstory: The saga of fixing my iTunes continues. My sister spent the entire day ripping songs from my iPod and getting them onto my computer with as little pain as possible. So, we managed to get all my songs off the iPod but in the process it deleted a bunch of CDs I had burned onto my computer from the library (yes I'm white trash and steal music from the library).
Thank goodness for my little sister and her patience, because I would have torn this computer apart. The process took between three and four hours and I don't think it's over. All I really want to do is get on the internet and get more apps and more music, yet I can't do that. If there's anything that's a little comforting it's that my music I've already bought is safe. Next time this happens I'm buying a fucking Mac and paying someone to handle this because I can't yell at Jenny because the process takes long but I can totally yell at the guy at the genius bar.

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