Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 41

Blurb: This is a construction project the city of Columbus could barely handle.

Backstory: It was flash back to 1991 at the Cultice house tonight. Dad was forced to relive the joy of putting things together that have lots of small pieces. Meet the tabletop foosball table I bought with my Christmas money. This thing was only $10 and it probably caused dad about $30 worth of annoyance.
He spent an hour tonight putting this thing together. There were sides that didn't match, screws that broke and many other things besides the generial tiny nature of the tools he was working with. But like a true professional he never gives up until the job is done. Me on the other hand, I probably asked five or six times if we could just super glue the whole thing together and call it a day.
At the end of it all we played a hard fought match of mini-foosball to close the night with dad bringing home the W 10-9. This post is going to be the first part of my ongoing series "Using my Christmas gifts." Luckily for dad none of my other gifts require assembly.

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