Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 55

Blurb: These are thing ingredients it takes to win. And if there not then I'm in trouble.

Backstory: It takes a lot of people to get a tv show on the air, especially when there's food involved. There are people that actually "style" food for a living. They use crazy tricks like maple syrup to make things shine and painting color onto food. So every time you see Sandra Lee or Rachel Ray on air just know they had at least two people prepping ingredients and putting everything in order.
I'm trying my had at food styling for work in our mac and cheese cook off. The only problem is my food actually has to be edible or else I would have totally used some of these tricks. Specifically a torch to make it the cheese on top look browned and orange paint to make the cheddar look cheesier. Instead I'm just resting on my cooking laurels which are actually up to par with other people my age. It also helped that I picked the easier recipe we had. The moral of the story: I'm resting all my hopes and aspirations of winning with Boomer's Taco-Mac.

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