Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 50

Blurb: Nothing like white trash Barbie to welcome in the Firery Food festival.

Backstory: The North Market is a great treasure in Columbus. Not only do they support local merchants and farmers they have great programming through out the year. Just as the sun poked out and the snow melted away the Firery Foods festival came around this weekend. It's not a big event but it's just big enough to bring a little spice.
I found white trash Barbie at one of the vendor's booths. The woman didn't make her that way she actually purchased her that way, which is really pretty funny. She looks like Ellie-Mae Clampet with bad teeth. The people who ran this stand actually gave us beer, which was a great thing because we didn't know the rules on drinking beer in the North Market. It was kind of a fair trade, they gave us beer and we bought a hot sauce.

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