Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 53

Blurb: We are ladies who lunch.

Backstory: I don't know if I'll ever be a lady who lunches. My friend Kristen is well on her way to being one who does yet still works. I'm actually a lady who stays up past her bedtime to "eat" salad and drink beer. Eat is in quotations because I haven't totally convinced myself I like lettuce yet but I'm working on it.
Today Kristen and I had a delightful lunch in the Arena District. We haven't seen in each other in a while which is surprising because for a good year I spent more time with her than I did with my family. That's they joy of producing the 5 and 6 together. It's like being in the foxholes of war. You never know when you're going to have a great day and take over one of the Kaiser's trenches or when you're going to have a bad day and get hit with a can of mustard gas. Plus, there are certain things only other producers understand. So today I raise my glass to you producers of America. Have lunch beer and take a nap.

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