Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47

Blurb: Hi baby penguins. If you whistle at them like a dog they do this.

Backstory: This is not a story about penguins, it's a story about cheetahs. Those damn wild cats that run fast; in fact they're running so fast they're avoiding me. The baby cheetahs have been promised to my show four times. Once we cancelled and three times they made a change.
One time we cancelled for weather there was no substitute, the other times I've met a kangaroo, cold weather penguin and now two warm weather penguins. It's kind of sad because if I didn't know cheetahs were coming I would have really loved these animals. Refer to Day 5 where you can see me snuggling up to sweet little Charlotte the Kangaroo.
What I'm trying to say is that cheetahs, I'm done with you. You are not going to hurt me again. You four little fluffy babies can go live your happy lives at The Wilds and traveling around the country with Jungle Jack Hanna. It's a hard life but some cute little face has to do it.

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