Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 48

Blurb: It's a sad day in the Cultice house, Ginger got a hair cut.

Backstory: Ginger is one of the cutest dogs in the world. She looks like a little puff ball that runs around and hits you with her paws when she wants something. But today she had to lose her magnificent fur coat and go down to her little down coat.
For me, this is one of the saddest things ever. I love to pick at her fur and watch her roll around like a rollie pollie. When she's in full bloom Ginger looks exactly like stuffed animal. Next time her hair gets long I'm going to surround her with stuffed animals and you can try and pick her out.
She gets her hair cut every couple months and her look totally changes. If the groomer doesn't do it right she looks an alien. Luckily things pretty consistent so she's still cute but when she gets a haircut it still makes me a little sad inside.

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