Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 38

Blurb: This is the best "People of Walmart" person I could find during my evening trip to the mega mart.

Backstory: Apparently, I go to the classiest Walmart in the world. I only found two people worthy of the title "walcreature." I should have taken a picture of the first woman I saw but I was too scared. Instead I waited and found this sub par guy. The only reason this man qualifies as something interesting is because of the weather. He's wearing a cut off shirt with a barbed wire tattoo and it's snowing outside.
During my quest to find a suitable Internet submission I realized how hard it is to actually get one of these pictures. Besides for the lack of suitable candidates I became really self conscious of what I was doing. During my question I became really embarrassed that I was even looking for people to take pictures of. These are hardworking people just looking for a deal and here I am making fun of them. On the other hand I look like a walcreature myself. With pants a size too big, dirty Ugg boots and my homeless hat, I'd be a suitable submission. Maybe one day I'll take a picture of myself and submit it.

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