Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42

Blurb: "I'm into making bong art now. You see this bone necklace I'm wearing? It's actually a bong."

Backstory: Some days are more interesting than other, it's the story no mater where you work. Today was one of those days. The comedy duo of Cheech and Chong stopped in around 7:30, which might be a little too early by FCC regulations for them to be on TV.
Surprisingly, they are extremely nice and decently well behaved. When they were just walking around the station they were pretty quiet and didn't run a muck. This is always considered a bonus no matter who your guest is. As for on air, it could have been a lot worse. I didn't have to push my special beep button which I was really worried I might be forced to do.
Of course there was copious amounts of talk about marijuana, SURPRISE! I don't even remember how it started but it did. The quote in the blurb is something Chong actually said on air. In addition to telling America's kids to do drugs, calling Andy a lier when he said he didn't do drugs, doing squats on the set and asking Andy to jump on his back. When you're sitting behind the scenes there's nothing you can do to help your anchor, you just have to hope you they don't jump on the comedian's back.
The funniest moment of their whole visit was not what they did on air but when they came into the booth. My director is a huge fan of Cheech and Chong. In fact he's probably the only person who got their picture taken today that is actually a legitimate fan. He never gets to meet anyone but we really wanted to make this happen. So our segment producer brought them in after the interview and I got my picture taken with them, but Jason was punching the show so he couldn't get up. One of the other producers got them to cuddle around Jason while he was directing. So Jason's picture is of him directing a show with Cheech and Chong on each side.
I also must say I almost had an epic fail during this event. My camera died during my first attempt with Cheech and Chong. Thanks to the help of my friendly producer Stu I was actually able to get my picture with them. So hat tip to Stu for my picture.

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