Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32

Blurb: Time to start using the good camera.

Backstory: Central Ohio is in the grips of a major winter storm. What makes this one different from every other winter storm is ice. That's right I said the "I" word. I'm numb from snow, kind of like when kids play violent video games so much they don't care about real violence(I know this is a theory). But ice will make me stand up like a prairie dog and take notice.
Over night about a quarter of an inch of ice fell on Columbus and turned everything into ice cubes. As a Midwestern my windshield was covered in towels preventing the ice from sticking. We got so much ice it formed the towels to my windshield and made it so I could pull them off in one piece, kind of like a mold of my car.
When I got home from work I decided to venture outside with Sadie and take a look at the back yard. Luckily I fared better than she did because she does not handle well on ice. This is an old tea pot sitting in my back yard. Enjoy my beautiful art.

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