Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 296

Blurb: I want to eat that little face up like warm chocolate chip cookies.

Backstory: This afternoon I stuffed my face with food from Tastefully Simple at my friend Mikaela's house. I was not about to put a picture of that up so I went with a more tastefully choice, Mikaela's son Logan. This is probably the third or fourth time I've featured him in my blog and the reason why is obvious: he's adorable. Plus, like any ladies man he plays hard to get. All I want to do is love all over him and give him forbidden food but he wants none of it. All he does is try to get Mikaela to pick him up, and this just makes me want to hold him more.
It should be known that I only like children that are related to me or those that belong to my friends. Also, Logan's the little kid that I'm around the most so I have a bigger emotional investment. One day this child will say, "Hi Bailey" or "Booger." Whichever one I can teach him first.

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