Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 275

Blurb: Funniest game at the vintage game museum.

Backstory: It's our second full day in San Francisco and we dedicated this day to being tourists. We started out with a delightful breakfast followed by trying on every hat at Goorin Brothers, then we made our way up to Fisherman's Wharf and Ghiradelli Square. These are major tourist traps, and let's just say I love me some tourist traps. I love junky stores and little restaurants that are set up to lure in tourists.
One place that was a little touristy but not too much was the Game Museum. It's filled will old fashioned games that you can play for a dime or a quarter. My favorite game was the arm wrestling machine where you played against a Mexican wrestler. I was actually able to beat it when I set it on the lowest level and used both my hands. The game you see above is one of the corny "sexy" games that filled the arcade. After visiting the museum I have to say our ancestors were kind of dirty. There were games like "What every woman must know before getting married," "Watch naughty Margareta" and the classic Love-O-Meter. I mean seriously old time Americans, you're really going to like being liberated.
It was an extremely long day and the three of us could barely think after we'd gotten back to Taylor's. While we were waiting for our take out I could barely talk. All in all we'd walked a few miles, many of them up hill. But it was a great time and I give San Francisco's tourist areas high marks.

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