Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 273

Blurb: This is the infamous pitcher from Tacolicious.

Backstory: It's my first day in California and let's just say I'm ready to bring the heat. The best thing about flying to the west coast is that you get three hours back to do whatever you want. We all decided to go to my friend Taylor's favorite place, Tacolicious. Because it was a Friday night in Marina we waited for an hour to get a table which lead to the drinking of margaritas.
We were all very excited to see each other, which also lead to the drinking of alcohol. When all the dust settled and we had eaten our food and downed a couple pitches, but we had half a pitcher left, that's what you see above. I was drunk enough to think it was an amazing idea to take the half a pitcher from the restaurant to Taylor's house. So once we paid our tab and were leaving I took the pitcher and walked back. Now Taylor has some frozen margaritas in her freezer and we all have a funny story to bring back from vacation.

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