Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 274

Blurb: Happy Oktoberfest San Francisco!

Backstory: It's our first full day in San Francisco, and it's beautiful. California really is a stunning place; it also helps that Taylor lives in a really nice neighborhood right by the Bay. Today our big event was Oktoberfest by the bay, you can see all our pretty faces up there in the picture. We spent four solid hour drinking huge steins of beer and looking at people in crazy German costumes.
Just like yesterday I got the urge to take a few souvenirs. All those big mugs you see(with the exception of Taylor's) were taken. I took them.
People were just leaving them all around the venue unattended and I knew the four of us could give them great new homes. I don't know what the other ladies plan on using theirs for, but I'm going to use mine as a flower vase. After our hours of drinking we went outside and ran around the outside of Giants' Stadium. I would love to put more than one picture up for today, but this was clearly the best one. After this they all go down hill and involve cartwheels or laying in grass.

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