Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 286

Blurb: These freaking pans are really annoying.

Backstory: One of the biggest challenges I've faced since moving in to my new place is trying to figure out my stainless steel pans. Since I was a kid we've used non-stick pans and I had my own set of amazing Teflon pans before moving. My set took a lot of abuse during my time and DC and they weren't safe to use because some of the coating came off, that was another reason I needed to get a new set of pans.
As for the cooking, it's been extremely difficult to adjust to using stainless steel. So far everything I've cooked in the pans has burned or not cooked properly. I started doing research online and all the sites said I needed to rub them down with salt, so that's what I did tonight. I just poured a decent amount of salt in the pans then added a little water and scrubbed. Hopefully the next time I use the pans I won't end up with crazy burned food.

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