Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 277

Blurb: It's alright, I'm ok.

Backstory: This picture might look like I'm in trouble, but I'm actually just goofing off. Yes, I did ride a cable car and yes it was fun. Our journey on the cable car took a long time. We started out waiting at the departure point for about an hour, then it was our turn to get on but we weren't far enough up to get a good seat. That meant we were stuck on the inside for the first part of the ride. Luckily the cable stopped working and most of the people got off. Thank goodness Kerri and I made the decision to stay on because we got to ride at the very front of the car and hold onto the rail as the car went up and down the streets.
It's a lot like riding a very slow, very old roller coaster. You can hear the cable and the car crank from below as you go up the steep hills, then as it crests over the hill you think you're going to speed down but instead you just chug down like a little steam engine. This is still extremely fun when you're holding onto the side because you have this little voice inside of you that keeps saying "I don't think this is safe. How can this be legal?"
As we got into the downtown portion of San Francisco things did start to get a bit more dangerous because there were more cable cars and more cars. You would get so close to the other people dangling off the cable cars that you could hi five as they passed. By the way, that's a bad idea and you shouldn't do that. There are signs posted everywhere that say don't do that and it's true, you'll probably get your arm ripped off.
Riding on the outside of the car was one of my favorite things in the city. If you go, wait in line and stand on the outside. It's one of the most tourist things you can do in the city but it's so much fun. You get to go through some of the most historic parts of town, plus there's always that nice sense of fear in the back of your mind.

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