Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 99

Blurb: It makes me sad this picture is so blurry because we had a really great time.

Backstory: With the exception of August 2009 to September of 2010 I've lived in Columbus my entire life, yet there are many things in the city I haven't done. One of the main this is going to a Blue Jackets game. The hockey franchise is celebrating its ten year anniversary here, and I figured it was about time I went to "carry the flag."
Today was the final game of the season so my sister, her boyfriend and myself decided to go. Jenny and AJ go to these games all the time so they're always willing company. We tried to get student tickets but they only had standing room only and single seats available so we decided to be high rollers and go with suite seats. This was an excellent decision because we got our own bathroom, waiter and the ability to move around while the game was going on.
AJ actually enjoys watching the game while Jenny, I and some of there other friends enjoy moving around and watching the game. By getting seats in the suite it was the best of both worlds because you can get up and move easier, plus there's a little private bar area where you can watch the game and eat.
As for the actual game it was extremely fun. It was against the Buffalo Sabres and there was a huge contingent of their fans there, which made for a very loud game. People who are Blue Jackets fans are really into the team and they help pull you into the frenzy. Plus it was actually a good show of athletic ability and the competitive spirit. The teams went back and forth for most of the periods but Buffalo ran away with the game in the final period, with the Jackets losing 4-5.
I would definitely go back to another game, even though they can become very expensive. Next season doesn't start until December so I have time to start saving for ice front seats for when the Washington Capitals come to town.

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