Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 105

Blurb: Why hello crazy white monkey. How are you doing this evening?

Backstory: I actually had a really nice dinner with my friend Megan tonight but I forgot to take a picture. We stopped by for a delicious meal at one of my favorite restaurants, Tres Potrillos. So I salute you Megan, thanks for a great meal.
But now to the picture you see above. This picture is a salute to the website Crap at My Parent's house. My mother loves nic-nacs, it's something we share. So we have lots of crazy things around our house including this little white monkey statue in one of our book cases. According to my mother it came from my grandmother who got it from her brother who purchased it in occupied Japan after world war two. While the story is great, the little figure itself is even better. At just about five inches tall with little beady eyes it's one of the craziest things I've sever seen, yet I love it. So here's to you creepy little monkey, thanks for chilling at my house.

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