Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 96

Blurb: Right now I live in a very angry petting zoo.

Backstory: My parents have left for a week long trip to the Grand Canyon and no one is happy. This picture is an example of what I've been dealing with since they left. Ginger and Sadie have been a little out of sorts because mom and dad keep them on a consistent schedule. I on the other hand have a crazy schedule that changes when they get treats.
Ginger has been especially angry and when she gets angry it's kind of adorable. She will stamp her feet and shake her head, then she'll huff like a horse. Needless to say she's been doing this a lot because I have forgotten to do a few things, mainly kitty cat treats. So some reason all dogs love cat treats and they're THE favorite treat at our house.
The dogs aren't the only ones feel a little rage, the cats are also not happy. As the previous sentence indicates I did forget to give them treats on the first night and had to give them before living for work; that's four hours behind schedule if you're counting. The cats aren't as pushy as the dog but they are a little louder. Lots of meowing and letting me know how hungry they've been, this makes me feel very guilty.
They are ready for mom and dad to come home and so am I. It actually takes a lot to care for all four animals because they get special treats frequently.

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