Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 95

Blurb: Hey fat kid, what are you doing today?

Backstory: Some days I do irrational things. That's no surprise, humans are irrational by nature. Most days there are things I do just because I want to, no excuses are needed. But it's great when I actually have an excuse to do something that's not very smart.
I've been on a diet since the beginning of the year and today was the first time I had super sweet overload. It was "research" for a story I'm doing on a new bakery in Columbus called the Angry Baker. Me writing a story was an easy reason to justify buying piece of cake, cinnamon roll, sandwich cookie, brioche roll covered in orange glaze with chocolate in the middle and an eclair. This is not over indulging, it's making sure my story is fully researched.
Thank goodness I took my box of goods home and did my experimenting in private. I was very good and didn't completely finish any one pastry. On a couple things I only took two bites and threw it away. The cinnamon roll, I had two bites and saved the rest for my breakfast. The cake I had a complex relationship with; I couldn't decide if I wanted to take a couple bites or throw it away. So the piece sat on the counter all day while I picked at all the parts I liked. It was ultimately about 2/3 eaten. The eclair was the same way. It was so rich and the fat kid in me just wanted to finish it. Instead I was a mature adult and only ate half.
It's pretty funny when I sit back and think what I did. I don't know if I actually need to do my taste test but it was fun, and I can say it's something I won't do again.

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