Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 107

Blurb: Hot dogs for breakfast, the verdict: Delicious. But this is something I've known for 17 years.

Backstory: Dirty Franks is one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus. The concept is great and amazingly executed by Columbus restaurateur Liz Lessner. She's scored another win by adding brunch to Dirty Franks. You might think, "A hot dog restaurant for breakfast? How's that going to work?" There are no dishes that are specifically based on hot dogs, but you can add wieners to everything.
The menu has a lot of scrambles and some sweeter items such as sausage wrapped in pancakes and french toast sticks. I wish I would have tried the breakfast nachos but I wasn't feeling that adventurous. Instead I went with a scramble with bacon and hot dog bits and the french toast sticks. I was pretty impressed. They put a ton of bacon in the scramble and the hot dogs went surprisingly well with the egg, cheese, bacon and ketchup. So if you're looking for a different type of brunch I highly recommend it, I know I'm going back.

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