Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 103

Blurb: I got hit with a serious bag of cuteness today.

Backstory: Once a month it's like a grab bag of adorable at work. The Columbus zoo brings in one animal, normally a baby, on Wednesdays. You can't really see from this picture but inside that little purse is an albino baby wallaby, her name is Betty White.
Little Betty was the sweetest thing you could imagine. We passed her around in her little bag and she immediately cuddled up to everyone. The best part, unlike the kangaroo she didn't smell. Also, the wallaby was much smaller and cuddlely. This little thing wanted to be held and turned into your body, kind of how a new born baby would.
The sad/happy thing about Betty White is that she would have died in the wild. Obviously she would have been easier to spot for predators and she gets sunburned very easily. In fact when it gets really sunny the zoo has to put sunscreen on her nose to keep it from getting burned. Now she lives a very happy life similar to a human child. Her keeper wears her like a long necklace, she even took the wallaby into Starbucks this morning under her coat.

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