Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 109

Blurb: Welcome to the land of little white flowers. I've only made a couple dozen and there are many dozen in my future.

Backstory: The preparation for my friend's bridal shower continues. This evening has been spent making the small white flowers pictured above. Each is hand cut and made from fondant. Tonight it took me almost an hour to make between 50 and 60. I'll need to probably make at least 50 more for the cake I'm making to look the way I want.
After the little flowers are made I'm going to dot them with pink insides to make them look like cherry blossoms. The task is a little tedious but I don't mind. After graduating college and working for a year my friends and I decided to take cake decorating classes. We took the typical Wilton classes the old ladies take at JoAnn Fabrics. While everyone else dropped out after the first class I actually took all three levels then continued on to the Fondant and Gumpaste level where I stopped going halfway through. I'm really glad I took the classes because it's like having a fancy little party trick up your sleeve. People are always impressed by decorated cakes, especially if they're done well. So make sure to check in on Saturday when I'll have finished the bridal shower cake and the four dozen cupcakes to go with it.

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