Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 116

Blurb: April showers do bring May showers, even though it's just the end of April.

Backstory: It's almost time to bring out the ark in Central Ohio. We've seen rain almost everyday for the past two weeks. It's beginning to feel like I'm living in Seattle, Portland or even Forks, Washington. The skies are consistently gray and you have to cherish every moment of sunshine.
That's exactly what I did this morning. During my morning dog walks(yes, we take a separate walk for each dog) the sun was just starting to peak out over the clouds and it was actually warm enough to go jacket less. I haven't seen or felt weather like this in a long time and needless to say it was extremely refreshing.
The only good thing about the rain is that the flowers and trees are turning green. Even the most disgusting yards are starting to turn an emerald green. Plus, I love blooming flowers. The ones you see above are in our front yard.

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