Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 119

Blurb: After being forced all week to listen to shit I don't care about I finally ot to listen to something I do like.

Backstory: I love Jon Stewart, he's amazing. His political satire resonates with my inner and outer nerd. By some wonderful twist of fate a friend of my mother's couldn't use his tickets for tonight's show so my dad and I went. Thank you Josh Anderson, the seats were amazing and I had a fantastic time.
This is my second time seeing the great one perform and he was just as funny as the last time. I'll admit I was disappointed because he used one repeat joke from the last show and he used at least one Daily Show joke that I was able to pick up on. This is all forgiven because he opened with some great Ohio State/Ohio/Midwesterner jokes that really hit the spot. I know these jokes are complete pandering but I'm the first to admit I want to be pandered to. So Jon Stewart please make more jokes about Jim Tressel's sweater vest.

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