Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 117

Blurb: This pretty much sums up my day at work.

Backstory: It felt like gluttony day on my show. We're preparing for the royal wedding by looking at the different aspects of weddings. Today was the most fun day because we had a cake maker and the local ice cream guru Jeni of Jeni's Artisan Ice Creams. She's created a set of limited edition flavors for the wedding. I was a little disappointed because I didn't get any ice cream but I did get tons of cake.
What you see above is the aftermath of my show; a full three tiered cake, two extra practice cakes and those glasses are filled with Blast by Colt 45. It's a new alcoholic energy drink that has Snoop Dogg as the pitchman. WE DID NOT DRINK THE BEVERAGE WHILE AT WORK, but someone did take it home to have later. Blast has the same amount of alcohol as five beers so we did a little segment on how bad they are. It's just kind of funny to look at these pictures and know that everything you see here is connected in some way.

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