Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7

Blurb: It's Roosevelt weather. Actually it's not, Roosevelt weather is 55 and dry.

Nerd Alert! Be prepared for some serious nerd love.
Backstory: I loves me some presidential biographies. This is the biggest one I've taken on. I've always been a history buff but my attention didn't gravitate towards presidential biographies until after I read Sarah Vowel's book Assassination Vacation. It's all about the four men who have been shot will serving as our nation's Commander-in-Chief. She gives a history of their presidency, their assassin and her trips to visit the historic sites related to their lives and the lives of their assassins.
This sounds like a pretty boring book to most people, but Sarah Vowel is an amazing story teller and extremely funny. Her narative ignited my interest in presidential history and more importantly lead me to Abraham Lincoln. Up to this point I've only read books about Lincoln or based around his administration. My favorite so far is Lincoln As I Knew Him which is a compilation of stories about Lincoln from the people who knew him best. After that I also recommend Manhunt by James Swanson.
Now I'm moving towards a different man, Theodore Roosevelt(still the youngest man ever to hold the post). I've always been a fan of Roosevelt mostly because he looks like my uncle. This book is supposed to be one of the best presidential biographies ever written. It won a Pulitzer in the early 80s. The only downside is it's HUGE. So, wish me luck. It's Roosevelt weather.

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