Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26

Blurb: Today is my one year anniversary with Sadie. We celebrated by getting treats at Three Dog Bakery.

Backstory: What can I say about this dog. It's been an interesting year in more ways than one and much of that can be attributed to Sadie entering my life. From the moment I laid eyes on her on the Washington Humane Society website something clicked. She was so little with her head cocked to the right with no eye. She had a face full of expression even though she had just had her eye removed. That feeling really sums her up.
Over the past 12 months she's really pealed like an onion. Some of the layers are good and the others are bad, like to eat poop out of the back yard and sprint away from me. But it's true what President Harry Truman once said, "if you want a friend in Washington get a dog." Many days she felt like my only friend in our nation's capitol. I'd go home to an empty apartment, no phone calls from friends and quick turn around to work, but she's be there ready to be by my side.
We've had some rough patches just like any other relationship. Earning her trust has been a major obstacle. Everyone tells you shelter dogs are so grateful and love you that much more. That wasn't something I felt from her, really, in the first six months. She'd growl at my roommate when she tried to get on the couch and she's bitten me in the face twice. Only in the past few months have I seen that aggression fade away and a happier animal come out. Plus, let's discuss the poop eating. It can not be stopped, I even checked with the vet. It's just something she's going to do unless I can get to her. Then there were the times in DC she felt the need to sprint away from me sometimes across busy streets. There are a few people who without them she probably wouldn't be here today.
In spite of these things she's helped me learn what it truly means to be in it for the long haul and love unconditionally. When I made a commitment to her it was for the rest of her days. Even though she does enjoy a little nibble on a turd and she can get aggressive I've learned those things mean more than just the surface action. She's still the one that's most excited for me to get home, defends me when she thinks I'm in trouble and she provides some amazing bed time cuddles.
I know this is the first of many great years to come. If these past months have taught me anything it's that she has much more to show me. I believe with time she'll totally come out of "survival mode" as my mother calls it. So today I urge you to raise a glass to Sadie, second chances and commitment.

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  1. Bailey!!!! This was adorable! Hope you and sadiekins are doing well :-) MISS YOU BOTH!!!
    - Kerri