Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15

Blurb: This guy clearly knew what he was doing.

Backstory: It's BeerFest weekend in Columbus and I fancy myself as someone who enjoys a cold one. But I always over estimate how much I like beer. Imaginary beer world is filled with strong double chocolate coffee stouts and hand brewed 90 minute IPAs. Beer reality is filled with Bud Light, Blue Moon and Sam Adams Summer. I like drinking beer just not what the "aficionados" call acceptable.
The group I went with took a very relaxed approach to the whole event, mainly going to the booths where the lines were the shortest. Sometimes people would be standing to the side, tasting their samples like a sommelier. A little swishing and sniffing followed by a medium gulp of the beer. These are the people I want to hit. Yes alcohol is special and it's fun to known stuff about but don't turn it into douche fest. This is why I prefer wine festivals. Almost everyone there is there just to get drunk.
If you want to hear a fun story ask be about the time I made beer.

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