Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 12

It's a little late but here it is...
Blurb: Looking for a way to fight the fat! Denise Austin will help me get fit, she has before.

Backstory: I don't care what people say Denise Austin is amazing. My best friend in high school introduced me to the magic she creates in spandex. I was looking for my sister's Jillian Michaels' DVD yesterday but instead I found these VHS tapes, a blast from my thin past. When I did these "tapes" in high school I was actually in shape and saw results so I think I'm going to start doing them again.
Plus, I've seen Denise Austin in person and she is ripped. She's apparently friends with few people I used to work with and she visited my old station once. I really wish I would have taken my picture with her because I was so into her videos. These are the tip of the iceberg of my VHS collect, I've managed to use them so much that they had to be thrown away. Also, she wears Sketchers Shape Ups.

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