Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11

Blurb: Apparently this is a Midwestern thing, a very helpful Midwestern thing.

Backstory: Do you know what this is? Chances are you might. We get a lot of snow here in the vast land between California and New York so you have to do whatever you can to give yourself the upper hand against Mother Nature. When it's about to snow many people lift up their windshield wipers, this keeps them from getting frozen to the windshield and you don't have to dig them out.
I didn't realize this was uncommon until someone from northern Virginia was really confused by this. He drove into work today and became worried when he saw a bunch of wipers in the air. So today I'm beginning my the first part in my long running series You Know You're From the Midwest When...
- You lift up the wipers on your car before it snows
- 4 of your neighbors have snow blowers
- 7 neighbors don't shovel their sidewalks but put salt down because they think it works just as well.
- You own snow pants and use them.
I bought my first pair of snow pants this weekend and they are amazing! I wore them today to scrape my car and walk the dog, I hadn't realized how cold my butt was until I had the wind and snow resistance pants on. If you would like to see me sporting my super sexy pants head to Day 9. I'm thinking about wearing them work. Black pants are formal,right?

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  1. Bailey! I totally agree with you except here in nyc the best part is I no longer ever have to shovel or scrape my non- existent car. Hope you're well and look me up if ure in the neighborhood :)