Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24

Blurb: You win this time BMV, you win this time. But I'll be back tomorrow.

Bailey and the BMV, a Novella: Part One
As of last Thursday I haven't lived in the District of Columbia for four months. During this entire time I've been driving with out of state plates that expired in November. The first two months I continued to drive with them because they hadn't expired so it saved me time and money. Now, for the past two months I've been driving with expired out of state plates because I'm lazy.
Today I was reminded of why I've been putting of the wonderful task of visiting the BMV. They don't break rules or an inch. I mean who doesn't break a rule every once in a while? Sometimes I run red lights when no one's around. I respect the fact that they're doing their job but I also get really mad that they don't let me get off easy.
I was missing one key element today when I went to get all my DC paperwork switched to Ohio: my social security card. The worst part was someone told me before I left work I was going to need it. Instead I decided to take a chance and I lost. Here's why I believe they should have let me slip through without my social security card, I have every document ever related to this car. Most impressively the original Ohio title I used to register it the first time. I was promptly told when I got there that wasn't good enough.
There's no use rambling on. They will not let you do things unless it's by the book. I think they do get some small joy in telling us no. That's exactly why I yelled at a DDOT worker once (ask me about it some time). So I will trudge back to the Ohio Department of Public Safety tomorrow with social security card and Benjamins in hand. Because if you want to use a credit card they they charge a three percent convenience fee.


  1. I thought it was going to be, because you are a woman, ohio state fan, and the SS card (three strikes your out).

  2. I hate the DMV. When I finally switched over to VA they charged me an extra $600 because the woman didn't know how to read because according to her I didn't pay any taxes in Ohio so I had to pay taxes in arguing allowed. Now I'm still trying to get my money back and losing the battle. Eff DOT.