Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22

Blurb: Looking so ugly has never looked so good.

Backstory: I'm counting this as day 22, even though it's just after midnight on the 23. Tonight was the much anticipated "Ugly Sweater Party." I really thought I had a good one but when I got there I found I was very wrong. The man who won had some crazy crocheted sweater with hearts that looked like they were connected with cobwebs. Plus, he had no shirt on underneath.
This is my friend Marcus. The funniest thing about this picture is that I gave that tie to him for his birthday a few years ago. He'd just moved to Columbus and needed some Buckeye gear to wear on air. Needless to say he's worn it once maybe twice and one of the times was tonight. Thank goodness it looks awful with a plaid sweater and floral shirt.

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