Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16

Blurb: There's nothing better than Jenni's ice cream, especially when they have new flavors!

Backstory: It's a robust 20 degrees in Columbus so obviously the perfect Sunday afternoon activity is getting ice cream. All exceptions are made when it's Jeni's splendid ice cream and they've released new flavors. The store comes out with new flavors about twice a season, Friday was the release date for this batch of five.
I had some free time on my hands for I decided it was a perfect window to get a cup of what I could only expect would be deliciousness. I was right. Looking to keep things a little light I only opted for the single which is two mini scopes. My choices: Honey Butter Cake and Roxbury Road, both new flavors.
Most of the seasonal offerings have a story with them because it's a local place and they want you to feel connected to the product. Honey Butter Cake is inspired by Jeni's husband who's from Saint Louis where they make gooey buttercakes. The ice cream is made by soaking the buttercake in a honey butterscotch sauce then mixing it in a honeyed cream cheese ice cream. It's velvety with lots of sauce but not so much that it makes the ice cream runny. Roxbury Road is a local take on Rocky Road. It's got little handmade marshmallows, salty caramel sauce and locally toasted almonds folded into a chocolate ice cream that's right between a dark and light chocolate. All these little ingredients definitely made for surprises during my eating experience, not bad ones good ones. I highly recommend a visit no matter the temperatures.

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