Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 256

Blurb: Where great decisions are made.

Backstory: If you read Sunday's post you'll know that I spent some time cozying up with the floor this weekend. Because I'm a good hostess, I gave our two guests the spare beds and my sister my bed when they all came to visit this weekend. This meant I slept on a pallet on the floor. At the time it wasn't a big deal because I had a few drinks that evening and my level of pain/knowledge/caring was very low. That all changed when fully functioning me woke up with a stiff next on Sunday.
Today I went to a chiropractors' office and got a massage (sounds weird, I know). The worst part about a massage is knowing the I'm going to be sore tomorrow because I never drink enough water. The best part, however, is going to bed right after and being able to move my neck. I need to figure out a way to keep my muscles from getting so tense, hopefully today's little adventure will keep me in fighting shape for my weekend move.

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