Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 250

Blurb: You can't stop the Ugg boot train.

Backstory: I don't change my wardrobe by season because I work inside and it's pretty much cold all year round in our office. The only thing I change is my footwear; during the spring and summer seasons I wear Sperry topsiders or flip flop. When it comes to fall and winter I only need one pair of shoes: Uggs. By bringing the Uggs out of the closet this marks my change in seasons; once I bring them out they don't go back in, there's no going back. I first fell in love with the sheepskin boots back in college, when all the sorority girls were wearing them. As someone who always has cold feet, the boots were a dream come true because they're the only shoes that can keep my feet warm.

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