Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 244

Blurb: I was so excited to get the IKEA catalogue I almost live blogged it.

Backstory: When the IKEA catalogue comes out every summer it's like Christmas comes early. The only problem is it takes forever to get it via snail mail, this little beauty took almost a month to arrive at my door. Needless to say when I opened the mail box I knew what I'd be doing all evening: snuggling up to unrealistic organizational expectations.
The IKEA catalogue is essentially organization porn. Every page is filled to the brim with little gadgets designed to help you find a place for every kitchen utensil and bathroom item you could every purchase. The only problem is these wonderful Swedish ideas for organization are almost impossible for the average person to execute. I dream of kitchen drawers that look like the picture you see above, and who knows I might exceed my expectations and make my new house look like this.

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